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AUDUSD Bear Flag, Live NFP Session

Dec 01 2016

Hi guys and gals, It’s a great Thursday and I’m happy to be creeping into the weekend, a break is always good! OK two important links and info quickly… 1) we have a live NFP session Friday morning and ALL are welcome to attend, it’s Friday at 5:00am pacific/8:00 am eastern,…

EURUSD: bouncing off 13 year lows?

Nov 29 2016

REMEMBER TO JOIN OUR FREE CHAT HERE Hi there and happy Tuesday to you all! We have some great trades going into December, I’m excited about the set ups we’re looking at. First off I have to mention that we’ll have a live NFP session for all the attend this coming…

Another great week in the FX market… HOLLER!!

Oct 11 2008

Well folks, another crazy week in the markets!  If you’re trading stocks, my the good Lord be with you– if you’re on the currency side then you should be taking a trip to the bank right about NOW to make a DEPOSIT!!  This week was my personal best since I…