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Step Up Your Trading (Ignition Series) | Day Traders FX

Sep 09 2017

I’m pretty excited to announce the Ignition Series that is coming very soon….. I call it the “Ignition Series” because it’s going to ignite your trading, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader this will have huge benefits. I’ve been trading and training people for 15 years…

EURAUD- Two Directions | Day Traders FX

Aug 07 2017

If you’ve heard of the band one direction, this has nothing to do with that! We have two great directions to trade on EURAUD and I’m stocked to trade this one way or another. ┬áThe best thing about EURAUD is when it starts to go it REALLY goes and can…

Find Trends/Reversals In Seconds | Day Traders FX

Jul 26 2017

Lately we’ve seen some pretty massive trends, EURUSD has run 1400 pips off lows from earlier this year, USDCAD has run 1400 pips off highs from earlier this year, USDCHF has run 1000 pips off highs from earlier this year. As traders we need to be able to effectively do…