The Mighty 15 Minute Trade | Day Traders FX

May 11, 2017

Hi friends,

I hope you’ve had a great time trading this week.

Earlier yesterday we saw a big move on AUDNZD, we had that trade on the radar, it was great confirmation with our 15 minute trade set up.  As you can see looking at the AUDNZD, it made a big jump up and we were able to profit from that move hugely.

I’ve made a short video below detailing how we took the entry and how you can find these trades on your own as well.

We had people making anywhere from 30-140 pips on this trade!! It’s a simple set of rules that are easy to follow, anyone can trade this set up and anyone can make money from it.

Watch this short video on how we traded this and how you can benefit from this set up as well.

Want to get involved with this simple and very profitable trade methodology?

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