Jared’s Weekend Addition…

September 27, 2008

Hi all, it’s Saturday and that merits celebration (provided most of us made it through the week MOSTLY unscathed!) Anyway, there’s not much to say about this week, the big dogs in the casa blanca (white house for those non-spanish speakers of you) are trying to figure out how to stop a repeat of 1929, hince the markets have NO idea which way to go.  So we have seen very little movement this week and basically ZERO trend!  However, I have been pleasantly surprised to talk to you all and find out that many have been very profitable this week… I feel like a proud parent! 😉  So keep up the good work and lets stay profitable, remember it’s ALL ABOUT PIPS, we become successful in trading ONE PIP AT A TIME!!

As for the ATM this week, we had a good run there too… the market was reacting less to news that wasn’t related to the $700 billion bailout details, but we still have profitable movements.  We say a good movement on the NZD pair and several on the USD/JPY, there is MORE to come as soon as we can get past the worst of this economic situation.  So don’t wait too long, we have a busy week of announcements coming up this week including non farm payrolls, should be exciting!!

Everyone enjoy the weekend and don’t worry too much about the market, it going to make some break outs sooner than later.  In the meantime everyone needs to keep up with financial news, Wall Street Journal, Market Watch and anything else where you can learn about the surrounding conditions.  There’s some exciting/scary things that are about to happen… lets know about them and brace for impact! 😉

Have a great weekend remember, if you’ve had any of these faces it’s normal, it’s been a crazy week!!

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