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July 26, 2017

Lately we’ve seen some pretty massive trends, EURUSD has run 1400 pips off lows from earlier this year, USDCAD has run 1400 pips off highs from earlier this year, USDCHF has run 1000 pips off highs from earlier this year.

As traders we need to be able to effectively do a few things, allow me to list them…

  1. Find trends
  2. Identify when trends are exhausted
  3. Find reversals
  4. Identify entries for reversals

These are a few pretty simple concepts but execution can be incredibly difficult… until now.

With the Forex Scanner you can easily look through 30-40 pairs in a matter of minutes and find which ones are trending, which ones are reversing and when/where to start getting in.

The Scanner is an indicator for Metatrader 4, along with it comes some EXCELLENT course material that covers how to identify the above 4 items.

As you can see, that can be a very profitable venture!

Watch this short video for a quick demo of how this all works.

Get started today, don’t waste another minute.  Click below to get started.

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