On Demand

Below you’ll be able to find most of our On Demand questions as well as any other questions that are pretty common. Email us via the Contact link in the navigation if you can’t find the answers and we’ll be happy to assist further.

If you are a current Premium Annual or Premium Monthly subscriber you are receiving FREE On Demand videos.
To access the On Demand Video of the day, log into the Member’s Area and click on the Dashboard link.

The main video player dead center of the screen is the video of the day. It is posted and switched out every time a new video is posted to our Vimeo Channel.

Rental/Purchase Not Showing

Is your content not showing as purchased? This sometimes happens when the cookies stored in your user session are cleared or are expired, no longer recognizing your user account on our On Demand subdomain.

You can follow this link to log in to your Vimeo On Demand account and access your purchased content. Click Log In on the top left of the new window that pops up. Log into your Vimeo account and you’ll have access to the content.


You will most likely now have a couple weeks until the cookies expire and can see streaming On Demand content on our local On Demand domain.


What's Included In Premium

  • Monday-Friday LIVE Sessions
  • LIVE Session Q&A
  • Member Portal Access
  • Interactive Community
  • Group Chat
  • 24/7 Trade Alerts, Notifications, and Announcements
  • Early-Bird Registration
  • Special Events and Educational Courses
  • Discounts on LIVE Events and Conferences
  • On Demand Video Streaming

Redeem VIP Code

To Redeem Your Access Code:

If you have two codes please use them one at a time.

On Demand Access Link (X Months): https://vimeo.com/r/1HZZ/d/XXXXXXXX

On Demand Access Link (X Months): https://vimeo.com/r/1OxZ/d/XXXXXXXX

To redeem the code you’ll need to follow the link. It will prompt you to register for a Vimeo account or log into your current one. To redeem the code you’ll need to follow the link. It will prompt you to register for a Vimeo account or log into your current one and a link asking if you’d like to Redeem Your Code. Click Ok or Agree to redeem the code and it will be applied to your Vimeo account.

** The above access codes aren’t meant to be used to log in continually and will expire after redeeming it. Use the link below to log into Vimeo and view streaming content.

After logging in you’ll have access to the content. The link below can be a bit easier to use to access the rental content available.


Current Promotions

Current promotion links and details

Telegram Messenger

SMS Trade Alerts:
We use “Telegram” to communicate when new trades are posted or other important information has been updated. You can get Telegram from your app store on your smart phone, (iOS, OSX, Android, Windows Mobile). Telegram also offers a desktop application for Windows, Linux and Apple products. You can download and access more information via https://telegram.org/

Once you’ve downloaded Telegram and set it up, send me your mobile number and I will add you to the mobile alert list.

You may also join our FREE chat by following this link AFTER you have installed and verified your number through Telegram.

Telegram Free Chat Link: http://bit.ly/dtfxfreechat