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FOMC is Coming! | Day Traders FX

Sep 19 2017

And it’s likely to be a big one this time around. The FOMC is famous for “kicking the can down the road” as the constantly say “nothing” during these meetings. ┬áBut this time could be different, we are looking for information about the number and frequency of rate hikes in…

Last Chance- The Trade Course Is Coming | Day Traders FX

Sep 18 2017

Hi there, I wanted to give you a final chance to sign up for the trade course- the one we’re calling the Ignition Series. Now, I thought about it and here are some of the reasons you might not have signed up for the trade course yet.   “My trading…

Step Up Your Trading (Ignition Series) | Day Traders FX

Sep 09 2017

I’m pretty excited to announce the Ignition Series that is coming very soon….. I call it the “Ignition Series” because it’s going to ignite your trading, no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned trader this will have huge benefits. I’ve been trading and training people for 15 years…