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GBPJPY- 100 easy pips

Jul 31 2017

Hi guys, The forex market has been pretty interesting lately, July isn’t usually much of an interesting month and we’ve seen endless trends across USD pairs among others. We have made some nice profits on JPY pairs over the last few months and I think we have more coming. GBPJPY…

Find Trends/Reversals In Seconds

Jul 26 2017

Lately we’ve seen some pretty massive trends, EURUSD has run 1400 pips off lows from earlier this year, USDCAD has run 1400 pips off highs from earlier this year, USDCHF has run 1000 pips off highs from earlier this year. As traders we need to be able to effectively do…

USDCAD- Favorite set up right now

Jul 25 2017

I have to say this is one of the most interesting set ups I’ve seen in a very long time.  I’m not joking, if this USDCAD doesn’t pay out it’s the Golden Arches for me, I’m getting a job at McDonalds!! Here is a closer look at the pair… And…

USD Near Term Direction

Jul 24 2017

Here are some important levels lining up on some major USD pairs, here is a look at EURUSD, USDCHF and DXY (dollar index).  There is too much to explain so I made a short video, have a look below.     Find out more about how we trade, get your…

CHFJPY Trade of the Day

Jul 10 2017

The markets are starting slow this week but we have a few good set ups to watch as the day/week carries on, specifically across several JPY pairs.  We’re seeing some pretty good overextension, today we’re focused on trading CHFJPY, in fact I made a short video of the set up…

EURUSD- 3 scenarios

Jul 05 2017

Hi there, I made a quick video detailing what I’m looking for on EURUSD.  We have three possible scenarios and I like all of them, at this point it’ll be a waiting game until we get confirmation in any direction.  For now let’s wait and see what happens.