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What You Get With Us: short video

Feb 17 2017

Hi guys and gals, Happy weekend to you all, I just wanted to make a quick video reminder for current members of the trade group as well as visitors and people that might be looking at our group from the outside. Here is what you get with us, watch this…

Daily Update: audjpy head and shoulders

Feb 16 2017

As always, happy Thursday to you good folks. Question for you, and I really want an answer, what is your favorite kind of trading, short term or long term? Just leave a reply below and let me know. Ok onto trading.  I’m looking at AUDJPY, we already made some money on it,…

FXCM: the update

Feb 08 2017

Hey guys, many of you know that FXCM recently got into some big trouble, here is the update about that   Free forex chat: CLICK HERE 14 day free trial: CLICK HERE

Happy Monday Morning From Jared Johnson

Feb 06 2017

Hi and happy Monday morning, instead of my usual typing I wanted to make a quick video, have a look and follow the details below   14 day free trial:  click here Free forex chat: click here Daily video analysis: click here