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The Life of a Day Trader

Jul 26 2012

It’s easy to get caught up in the little details of trading and forget what we’re really all about, conquering the massive beast of a market that we battle everyday.  It’s also important to remember that the reward is quite substantial for those that hang in there for the long haul.  I’ve…

Live Daily Update, All Are Welcome!

Jul 17 2012

Join us for a live daily update on Tuesday, July 24th.  All are welcome, it’ll be a live market update where I’ll briefly discuss the best looking set ups and we’ll cover some details about some of the methodology.  These will be real trade entries and ones I’ll be putting…

Educational Webinar Tonight

Jul 12 2012

Today will be the start of a 4 part webinar series, I will discuss the 4 main reasons I enter the market, trade management and have lots of time for Q&A.  You definitely won’t want to miss this, it’s going to be a great step to help those new and…