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Currency Traders Suffering Worst Year Since 1991

Oct 27 2011

As you can see in the title we’re going to examine how some of the worlds most prominent currency funds have done through the wild market movements of 2011.  This year has been one of the most wild I’ve seen in my 10 years of trading, most of it can…

A great summary of the current market conditions

Oct 25 2011

If you’re not up to speed in what’s happening currently in the stock market (which in effect comes back on the currencies) I’ve got a great video that will sum it up nicely.  Take 6 minutes and get completely up to speed with current market conditions.  

Europe VS Japan, the battle wages on

Oct 24 2011

The markets are being, as my wife would say, really “RUDE” right now!  There are scalp opportunities across about a bazillion pairs BUT as for trend that is a thing of the past, kind of like getting a sandwich as the drugstore (as my parents have talked about oh so…

Bye Bye Euro

Oct 19 2011

This is a follow up from yesterday’s post on the near term movement of the EUR/USD, moments after I posted it Germany and France came to the agreement on boosting the emergency fund to just over €2 trillion.  The EUR/USD, as well as other pairs, rallied briefly but met the resistance…

With China Not Helping, Europe Could Be in BIGGER Trouble

Oct 18 2011

With the G20 meeting in Paris such an epic dud there is nothing even the permaspin media can write about (there was no news of a bailout. Nothing), it is time for some paywalled publications to recycle the gibberish about China bailing out Europe all over again. Sorry, it’s too late. Courtesy of…