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Sunday Night Update, it’s going to be an EXCITING WEEK!

Nov 29 2009

Hi guys, Just a quick update, I’m working on the Sunday night video as we speak and putting together the econ data to go with everything so check back momentarily for the video.  I see quite the week coming up so I hope you’re all ready for the action that…

Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 25 2009

Hi everyone, I hope you all have a great week and a good thanksgiving for all those who celebrate it.  I’ll be off and out of the market working on a turkey coma and flirting with a food overdose!  We’ll be back for our normal trading routine this Sunday night,…

Webinar Tonight, come on in!

Nov 24 2009

Hi everyone, It’s Tuesday and that means WEBINAR time!!! The webinar will be held: Tuesday Nov 24th at 5:15pm PST/1:15am GMT. Click on the link below to register for the webinar

Sunday Night, Where the H-word does the time go??

Nov 22 2009

Hi guys, It’s Sunday night and another week has flown past us without nearly enough time for a proper weekend!  Oh well, what can we do?!  Anyway as always I’m posting the Sunday night video right now and I’ll post more details on the economic outlook of the various currencies…

Webinar tonight, see you there.

Nov 17 2009

Hi everyone, It’s Tuesday and that means webinar time, count on our usual time and place and for those that can’t make it and are paying members we’ll have an archived version saved in the members area. As for the rest, register for it and everyone can watch it live.…