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Webinar Today, come join us!

Oct 27 2009

Hi everyone, It’s Tuesday again and that means webinar time and we have LOTS to talk about on this upcoming webinar!  We’re going to be going over some interesting trading techniques but most important we’ll be covering how to get the most out of the website and how to login/use…

This has absolutely nothing to do with trading…

Oct 21 2009

As the title mentions, this has nothing to do with trading it’s just a good time!  If I were a cop, I would PRAY for one of these experiences!!  It’s funny and clean so don’t worry….

Upcoming Webinar, Tonight…. As Always! ;)

Oct 20 2009

Hi guys and gals, It’s Tuesday and that means it’s webinar time again!  So for those of you that aren’t tired of hearing my voice then you should join us!  Last week we talked about some very important principles that have helped many peoples trading this week…. so there you…

Sunday Night and all is well!

Oct 18 2009

Hi folks, It’s Sunday night again folks and I just re-realized that I’m still NOT in Costa Rica!  Oh well, it’s still good to be back.  Since I’m not in Costa Rica unfortunately I don’t have any crazy stories involving swinging from trees or running from swarms of mosquitoes, just…

JPY pairs update

Oct 15 2009

Hey guys, here are some pairs that could have some quick short term gains, have a look at the video and go for it! Jared J.

Archived Webinar, recorded earlier today.

Oct 13 2009

Hi everyone, Thanks to all those who participated in the webinar earlier today, for those of you that were unable to attend, here’s a recording of what was covered. View the webinar at the link below:

Webinar Tonight, Be there or be square!

Oct 13 2009

Hi Everyone, We’ll be having a webinar tonight where we’re going to discuss some new trading techniques, discuss the new service (which is almost released!) and cover some trading basics/some pairs to watch. The webinar will be held at: Tuesday, Oct 13th at 5:15PM Pacific time. Please register for the…

Sunday Night Update

Oct 11 2009

Hi Folks, Jared here reporting on our Sunday night situation.  Well, as travel and modern flight schedules would have it I ended up getting delayed, missing a flight and eventually taking an extra day to get back from Costa Rica.  So I am just getting to the charts as of…

Pre-weekend Update/Adios Costa Rica!!!

Oct 08 2009

Hi Everyone, It’s Thursday night and I’m watching my AUD/JPY trade go nicely up through the monthly highs while I pack my things to head back to the US of A.  After two months in Costa Rica I’m positive it’s in my blood, I’m already planning the return trip because…

Webinar From Tuesday, 10/6/09

Oct 06 2009

Hi everyone, For all those that missed the webinar here’s the like to view the recorded version, pull out the popcorn and go to town! Click on the link, follow the prompts and you’ll eventually get to the recorded webinar. VIEW WEBINAR HERE Enjoy, Jared J.