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Technical Difficulties With Webinar :'(

Sep 30 2009

Hey Guys, As promised I did record the webinar from last night but in doing so I found that there are two formats to record the webinar, I choose the wrong one! 🙁  You can view the webinar but there’s a major download that you have to install first.  So…

Our First Archived Webinar- Plus good article to read!

Sep 29 2009

Hey everyone, We had a webinar tonight, it was wonderfully fantastic as always! 😉  Well for those that missed out on it due to work schedule or just didn’t make it to the computer on time, have no fear because this is our first official ARCHIVED WEBINAR!!! That’s right, you…

Webinar Tonight, LOTS of new details- don’t miss it!

Sep 29 2009

Hey folks, We have a webinar coming tonight, we’ll be discussing LOTS of new details about the market and the new set up for trade calls, DON’T MISS OUT!!! Tuesday, Sept 29th at 5:15pm PDT/8:15pm EDT

USD Prospects…. is weaker better?

Sep 28 2009

Here’s a few articles I found regarding the USD and some projections both big and small money alike are betting on, lets hope someone is right.  We had Tricket speaking this morning about how the USD needs to be strong while other are HAPPY to have a weak USD, so…

It’s Sunday, LET the ACTION begin!!!

Sep 27 2009

Happy weekend to everyone, I hope the weekend was great! I had a fun/exciting one, I spent a good chunk in the big nutty city of San Jose battling traffic and all the crazies, but it was a nice change considering that Taco Bell was on the menu at least…

Sunday, sunday… wish it were a fun day!

Sep 20 2009

Hi ONE and Hello ALL!! I hope you all had a great weekend, I sure the h-word did! 😉  I’m working on the Sunday night info as we speak but I’m definitely keeping a close eye on the big/superstar movers of the last few weeks, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and the EUR/GBP.…

Much ‘ado about trading

Sep 17 2009

The market is rolling around trying to get out of bed but the alarm clock hasn’t sounded yet. The various markets are posting some minor gains and slowly but surely trickling upwards, most of these “slightly” trending pairs have some easy little entry opportunities to take advantage of that soft…

Sunday night, it’s in the works as we speak….

Sep 13 2009

Hi guys, I hope everyone had a great week and a fun weekend, the time just keeps flying by and I feel like I post a Sunday night video everyday… what happens with this “middle of the week” is beyond me!  Before we get started on market talk, you all…

Market update, aka… what I’m looking at.

Sep 08 2009

Hey guys, As our normal schedule is a webinar tonight, I’ll be bumping that to later on this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday.  But keep an eye on this site and I’ll keep you updated with when that will be, also i’ll be trying to do it earlier in the…

Happy Sunday Night and Labor Day!

Sep 06 2009

Hey everyone, It’s been a crazy weekend for me filled with some crazy Costa Rican traveling but I’m back in action and ready to rock and roll! The markets have been pretty slow until this past Friday, we saw several USD pairs TANK as gold made a large run right…