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AUD/JPY Video Update

May 28 2009

Hi Folks, the video update should up in just a minute… By the way, this video came out in an interesting format, if you have any questions about the material in the video just let me know but the information should still be good even though the screen is moving…

All About Pips FORUM is back in action!!

May 22 2009

Hey all, FORUM: GREAT news, the forum for all about pips is back and running!  We had some serious problems before with bots posting spam but I’ve taken care of that and now it’s clean and clear.  I had to delete all the members so please go and re-register for…

It’s finally here, an All About Pips online chat service!

May 21 2009

I’ve got exciting NEW information for all you out there!!  I have had many requests from several of you to get some sort of chat room going for the all about pips community, some way that many of you can be on to chat about the market and share trading…

GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY Video Update

May 21 2009

Hey everyone, we’ll have a video update of the above mentioned currency pairs within 1 hour… it’s just preparing for the upload, I’ll have it up ASAP. Time posted: 10:30am pst Have a look at the video, there are some update details about the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY pairs.  What we’re…

Video update on USD/CAD and AUD/USD

May 20 2009

Hey everyone, I’m finally getting this video thing up and running, keep your fingers crossed!!  The update on the usd/cad and aud/usd will be posted within minutes… Posted at 4:15pm PST


May 18 2009

Ok, here we go again with these live trades… for all those that were there last night, we’ll see you again tonight and for those that missed it— COME JOIN IN!! Once again that time is, Wednesday, May 20th at 3:00am EST Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Sunday Night Post– Something NEW! **UPDATED**

May 17 2009

Hey all, I just sent out the mass email tell everyone that for this Sunday night post I would be doing something different, instead of writing everything out I put it in video form and I’ll be posting it on the site shortly.  The video has been finished for a…

Trade Opportunities for 5/13/09

May 13 2009

Hi folks, We’ve had lots of movement over the last few days and the markets have been most of everywhere.  But things are finally lining up and I think there’s going to be some good entries coming up in the next few hours/days. AUD/USD: TIME POSTED: 11:30am PST. I have…

Sunday Night Post

May 10 2009

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend filled with lots of fun!  I know i did, the weeks are so full of work and trading that by the time Friday afternoon rolls around I’ve got one thing on my mind… having a good time doing something NOT…

Sunday Night Post, Getting Posted…. ***UPDATED***

May 03 2009

Hi All, I haven’t had LARGE amounts of time today to look at the charts due to some MUCH needed time off for the weekend.  So I’m just having my first look at the markets since the close on Friday, so it’s going to take a few hours this evening…