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Sunday Night Again!

Mar 29 2009

Ok guys, here’s some Sunday night situations again… there’s some great things in motion!  As we have been talking about, the summer trading channels are in full force so lets keep an eye out for those and be ready to jump in on the bounces.  Lets get right to it;…

EUR/USD Update

Mar 26 2009

Watch for the crossover happening on the EUR/USD. It’s breaking through the fibonacci retrace levels as I write this so a theres a good opportunity for a sell. Look for a target around the Weekly Pivot Point.

Recap – Future Opportunities

Mar 25 2009

This mornings announcement was pre-maturely bombarded by Treasury Secretary Geithner’s speach. Several minutes before the US Home Sales announcement was released Geithner commented about China’s suggestion of moving towards an SDR-linked currency system which sunk the dollar and sent all of it’s rivals soaring. When the announcement was released it further created intense volatility making…

Sunday Night Trade Levels

Mar 22 2009

Hey guys, it’s Sunday night once again and this market has gone crazy and also crazy!!  Hopefully you all are part of the emailing list, if you’re not there’s a link just a little way down on the right hand side, join it so you can keep up with what’s…

Sunday Night Again… So What’s on The Menu?

Mar 15 2009

Well guys, it’s Sunday night again and another weekend has fled past us like it was 5 minutes long.  Maybe it’s just me but it seems like things should be the other way around, we should have an entire week off and just a weekend of work! 😉  Ok enough…

Sunday Night Trades– New Set Up

Mar 08 2009

Hey all, It’s a little later than normal but daylight savings has me all mixed up, so bare with me while I adjust to this new time thing…. that’s all I need is to get up an hour earlier!! 😉 OK, so due to possible summer trading conditions starring us…

Sunday Night Trade Levels- Should be an INTERESTING night!

Mar 01 2009

Hi All, another Sunday night is upon us… Before getting down to business, I hope everyone had a great week of trading and that you’re all ready for another one.  We had quite the run on the JPY pairs last week, there were really good trades to be had so…