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DayTraders FX is home to a vibrant and international trading community. We focus on financial markets, specifically Foreign Exchange (Forex) and slay the beast through a member-driven community with services including live analysis, trade alerts, private instruction, educational classes and much more. Our mission is to help ourselves and our members be profitable traders.

Persistence, patience, and a fierce determination to succeed are common elements found in great traders. Traders often discover that the journey is far more psychological and give up or run out or money before turning the corner to profitability and consistency. Don’t be fooled or tricked into thinking this is easy. There is absolutely a learning curve and it is our goal to accelerate it. By helping our members survive, everyone stands a fighting chance of making it as a trader.

Whether you trade full-time or you’re learning from scratch, ALL ARE WELCOME at DayTraders FX.

We look forward to helping you discover your true trading potential. We are in the trenches right alongside you preparing each and every day for the challenges ahead. We truly hope you enjoy your DayTraders FX experience and consider us your trading Headquarters!!!


Every week is a great week with you. Thanks as always!
Damien H.
I can’t imagine figuring this out without you guys!!!
Marsha H.
You are the best ever.
Lynda S.
This is great for finding trades as well as explaining the thought process. The subscription is the best investment you will make!
Ron C.
I paid for my yearly membership in two weeks!
Marianne S.
I always enjoy being here with everyone!
Aaron P.

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DTFX Weekly Wrap Up and AUDUSD Trade (Dec 9th)

DTFX Weekly Wrap Up and AUDUSD Trade (Dec 9th)

Dec 09 2016

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We have a super duper special even webinar this coming week, I hope everyone will be able to attend, watch the email for the link and sign up details Hi there and happy Friday, there’s always reason to celebrate a Friday… mostly because it’s FRIDAY!! I hope you all…

DTFX Daily Trade Idea: NZDUSD (Dec 7th)

DTFX Daily Trade Idea: NZDUSD (Dec 7th)

Dec 07 2016

We made some good money in forex today trading JPY movement this morning and we’re looking for more action there. In the DayTraders FX live trade group we’ve talked about NZD everything this year, for now the NZDUSD is looking pretty interesting for a longer term trade, this may take…

DTFX Daily Trade Idea- GBPJPY and USDJPY

DTFX Daily Trade Idea- GBPJPY and USDJPY

Dec 06 2016

Howdy folks! We have some great set ups to talk about today, the JPY pairs are top of the list, the 1 hour charts on most JPY pairs is approaching “ridiculous” territory which is awesome for us! Remember, updates are posted constantly in the free forex chat, all are welcome-…

DayTraders FX Weekly Watchlist List Dec 5th

DayTraders FX Weekly Watchlist List Dec 5th

Dec 05 2016

Hello! Happy Monday, I hope you all had a GREAT weekend, I sure did.  I’m pretty sure I took my kids to see Santa about 4 times between Friday and Sunday.  They’re starting to wonder how Santa can be in so many different places, I hope we don’t have to…


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